Serving Utica, Syracuse, Albany, Binghamton, Watertown and all of central and upstate New York.


Client confidentiality is key in the legal industry. Law firm’s clients expect that their private information is kept secure while their case is open and then indefinitely after it is closed. The legal industry is one where some of the most confidential personal information converges – credit status, financial, health, criminal activity and more. Any breach in client security and confidentiality could diminish trust in and tarnish the reputation of a law firm.


Confidata’s Role: Our 25+ years of experience, along with our trained and trusted staff, will assure your legal records, court records and client files are disposed of properly and safely. Confidata has worked with many law firms in New York State and helped them destroy their confidential documents in a timely and secure manner.


Law firms are extremely busy places… let us help you keep your client information safe!


Confidata can help your firm set up internal systems to assure privacy and proper confidential document destruction.  From the selection of the right containers for your office, to the setting of procedures for your employees; your files are kept safe until the documents are picked up and destroyed on-site, in your parking lot. Regularly scheduled pick-ups may be set and you can even witness the destruction from a monitor in our mobile shred trucks.