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Small business owners have a sea of responsibilities and protecting their confidential information sometimes falls by the wayside. You may not think that you’re “big enough” to have to worry about identity theft or fraud, but today, everyone is at risk. Items you may overlook like bank statements, client files, invoices, copies of insurance policies and even every day email print outs could find their way into the wrong hands and become a serious issue for you. Avoid expensive, exhausting mistakes and start thinking about a system to manage and destroy your confidential documents today.


Sometimes an inexpensive paper shredder may seem like enough, but you’re still putting the shred out on your curb where the wrong people can get a hold of it. You can get the ultimate peace of mind and assure secure, proper disposal with us.


Confidata’s Role: At Confidata, a business is never “too small”– our concern is keeping you compliant and safe, no matter what your size. You run your business… we’ll make sure your sensitive documents are shredded beyond recognition and disposed of properly.