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Just like your paper documents, your electronic equipment also contains confidential information. You or your business could suffer from security breaches or identity theft should this information fall into the wrong hands. ConfiData, your trusted confidential data destruction partner now offers e-scrapping services and hard drive destruction to help keep you and your business protected.

Protect Your Personal Information with Secure E-Scrapping Services

Your hard drive and other computer equipment is picked up and brought back to one of our secure facilities for destruction and recycling. Upon completion of this process, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction for your records. Items we can collect for e-scrapping include:

  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Computer Monitors
  • Keyboards
  • Ipads
  • Hard-drives
  • Cell phones
  • And more

Remember, confidential information can be retrieved from someone who gains access to outdated or broken equipment and compromises your personal identity or your business. Before you toss away any old hard drives or equipment it is always best to check your internal policies and procedures as well as local and state regulations prior to disposal.

Environmentally Conscious E-Waste Recycling

laptop with a recycling graphic on it

Throwing old electronics & computer equipment away not only puts yourself at risk but causes harm to the environment. Most electronics contain substances that should not wind up in a landfill.  Do your part to keep electronics out of landfills by enlisting in ConfiData’s e-waste recycling services. Drop off your unwanted equipment or give us a call to schedule a pickup.

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